Personal Information Protection Policy

SmartNews, Inc. and its subsidiaries (the "Group") have the utmost respect for the personal information and privacy of our users, officers and employees, business partners and other relevant parties. The Group establishes the following personal information protection policy to appropriately manage the information and conduct its business according to the policy.

Global management structure for personal information

To deliver the world's quality information to the people who need it, the Group holds development offices and provides services in various countries and regions. Considering these characteristics, the Group establishes regulations,
guidelines and manuals related to the management of personal information according to the laws and regulations in each country and develops training and audit structures to ensure that all officers and employees comply with them.

Types of personal information and their handling according to each service

The Group handles a wide range of personal information, including data related to users of SmartNews and SlowNews,
information on the Group's officers and employees and information on its business partners.
Therefore, it establishes rules for handling personal information based on each service or the type of personal information and formulates separate privacy policies for matters that require notifying the individual or making public announcements.

Security management of personal information

The Group clearly defines security requirements for devices and systems dealing with personal information and thoroughly manages access to databases that handle personal information. It also establishes an audit structure to periodically check these management systems.

Providing personal information

The Group has the utmost respect for the privacy and personal information of its users, officers and employees, and business partners. It does not provide personal information to third parties except when required for complying with the law.

Outsourcing personal information

When the Group outsources the handling of personal information, it conducts a strict screening to ensure that the outsourced company has a personal information protection system of a level similar to or higher than that of the Group. It also carries out appropriate management and supervision after outsourcing.

Inquiries regarding personal information, including requests for disclosure

Regarding requests for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal information, the Group provides information on the method to exercise the rights in the privacy policy for each service and has also set up an inquiry center. For other general inquiries on the handling of personal information, please contact us at